Feb 2014 – e-Commerce Package
Although Aralco offers an interface utility for Aralco and client’s existing shopping cart / e-Commerce systems, in response to clients demands for an inexpensive, robust & “built-in” e-Commerce program, Aralco offers a completely integrated system that includes an e-Commerce program which:

  • Directly interfaces with the Aralco Back Office & POS
  • Full e-Commerce solution: shipping, payment, invoice, and history
  • Automatically imports web-designated products
  • Automatically import/export web customers to Aralco System
  • Automatically publishing/modifying product on web site
  • Automatically exports web orders to Aralco POS Order Entry system
  • Automatically generated web order reports can be viewed and/or emailed to the warehouse logistics staff so they can expedite the web orders and use the Aralco POS to ship the orders to customers anywhere in the world.
  • Periodic inventory adjustments over secure database (UDI)
  • Automatically adjusts product information including, inventory levels, product pictures, descriptions and prices

January 2014- e-Commerce Shipping Options
Aralco now offers a link with Canada Post, UPS & Fedex for accurate shipping costs quoted to web customers. Important data such as item weight, width, depth and height recorded in Aralco’s back office are passed on to each freight company for a precise quote.


Elimination of Pennies in Canada (February 2013) 
Elimination of Pennies was announced in Canada. Fortunately, with clients in Asia and New Zealand, we had been asked for a “coin rounding” solution so the concept was familiar to us and we had embarked on a fully user definable coin rounding system so the retailer can decide which coin is being eliminated (1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cents etc.) So that in future we will not be challenged by the sudden changes to policies. As well, the retailer can opt to round down, up or choose a “symmetric” calculation.
Aralco News December (December 2012)
After years of attempting to interface with various ecommerce solutions, we decided to create our own User Definable Content Management System (CMS) so our clients, with the help of their graphic designer can create their own website which can then be operating as a built-in ecommerce, directly attached to Aralco’s master SQL database. The combination of the Aralco’s own CMS and ecommerce component will eliminate the need to deal with a web developer, an ecommerce specialist and a database integrator who has to link all the components supplied by different entities. This project should be complete by May 2013.
Aralco Dual Split Customer Screens (June 2012) 
We have developed the Aralco program to work with dual screens where the customer screen can be split to show advertising on one side and the customer transactions on the other side. To have this feature available in your POS you will need to purchase a 2nd monitor and get an update from support.
Interface with Verifone VX-810 (Jan 2012)
New Moneris and Global Payment interface for the Verifone VX-810 pin-pads is now available. This is a more reliable and modern system with better features.
User-definable Coin Counter (June 2011)
We have developed a user-definable coin counter for the Aralco Point of Sale system. This will be used for the start and end of day when your cash and float totals are counted. You have the ability to set different denominations for other types of currencies other than Canadian if required. Such as a $5 coin or $10,000 bill etc.
Stock Balancing (May 2011)
This is a new optional module used for “Balancing” your inventory for all locations involving stores and warehouses. You can create the “proximity” setup of stores and prioritize which stores should share inventory for balancing within a geographic region.
The Automatic Balancing system would then calculate the required quantities for each location and search for stores and warehouses in the closest proximity of that store that has excess / available inventory and would recommend a transfer. If the transfer is approved by the operator, transfer documents are automatically created and printed for picking and shipment.
Aralco & Authorize.Net (April 2011)
Aralco & Authorize.Net are now payment processing partners for Aralco’s clients in USA.Authorize.Net offers a very fast and easy to use web-based interface with Aralco for “Card Present” applications such as POS Terminals at physical locations as well as ecommerce shopping cart applications where payment processing is linked to customer purchases. Authorize.Net offers transparent merchant rates.Through this partnership, Aralco’s clients can benefit from a fast, accurate and one-step payment processing at the POS, increasing overall efficiency, performance and cost savings.
New e-Commerce platforms (Oct. 2010)
We have developed our Aralco Point of Sale and Back office software to work with both Joomla and Magento platforms for e-Commerce. These e-Commerce platforms are open source and are available for free. This will give our clients the opportunity to select which platform best suits their business needs.